We are a mental health football platform, not just a club.

One that everyone in the world can support.

We are using the power of football to improve men’s health.

In 2018 FC Not Alone was created by Matthew Legg and Ian McKenzie on the back of Matthew’s battle with depression which forced him to defer his second year of his studies at Bath University.

FC Not Alone is on a mission to use the power of football allow Men to feel comfortable opening up about their mental health. With 84 suicides happening in the UK every week and suicide being the biggest killer of Men under the age of 45, FC Not Alone aims to help reduce the stigma attached to mental health and in turn reduce these sadly high numbers.

Football is an integral part of culture within the UK and is often the main discussion point amongst men, that’s why we are confident football can be a breakthrough point in getting Men to open up about what truly matters – their health.

We are a registered C.I.C (Community Interest Company). As a C.I.C we have pledged to generate revenue to provide solutions to Men who are suffering with mental health issues. With any activity, we want to have as much positive social impact as possible. Our intentions are to organise no-judgement football training sessions, matches and tournaments for Men of all walks of life to enjoy. We will be creating website content and social media content which will enable us as a platform to facilitate as many stories as possible of players of the game, fans of the game and anyone involved in the world of football to share openly about their experiences with Mental Health.

As a C.I.C FC Not Alone has pledged to spend any profits on benefiting the community, but we will not however be a charity. The main reason for this is that it clearly states on The FA’s Club Structure documentation that you cannot be a football club who pays player wages if you are a charity. We do not want to limit where FC Not Alone can go, it is our ambition to one day create a club that can compete in the football pyramid which can only be achieved by being ran like a normal football club who pays wages.

We will continue to support the CALMZONE charity as we are big believers in their work, as they literally save lives through their suicide prevention services.