The Danish Heroes

When a Crisis Arises, Heroes Appear.

When Denmark met Finland in Copenhagen on June 12th, the game was struck by tragedy when Danish number 10, Christian Eriksen fell unconscious to the floor. 

It was one of those moments where silence fell upon the footballing world, fans and players alike joining together in prayer that this wonderful man would make it through this alive. 

But during this time of silence, is when those who needed to react quickly and effectively did so, and they deserve the utmost praise for their actions. 

Denmark showed the world what football is about, what it means to play in a team, not just of 11 players, but of medics, owners, referees, and so much more. 

English referee Anthony Taylor blew the whistle within three seconds of Eriksen going down, without his actions we may not be seeing Christian alive coming off the pitch. Captain Simon Kjaer was the first to quickly attempt to resuscitate Eriksen and was truly a hero in a time when he was needed. The Danish team then surrounded their star-man with their backs to him, forming a human wall to protect him from any intrusive cameras. They were doing this whilst the incredible Danish medical team saved a young man’s life, the medics are often not thought of in the daily life of most football fans, but today may serve as a reminder that a football team is far more than the 11 men who wear the shirt. 

A further shout-out should go to Kasper Schmeichel. The Leicester City shot stopper rushed to Eriksen’s partner, who was understandably distraught on the touch line. This point was voiced excellently by Comedian Lloyd Griffith on Twitter, who said “Praise too for Kasper Schmeichel who is a rock in and out of goal. Consoling Christian’s wife whilst in tears himself. Assisting the medical staff. Also let’s not forget he was first on the scene at the helicopter crash. I hope he’s looked after too. He’s been through a lot.” 

Lastly a thanks goes to the fans, fans of football who came together, joined in hopes and prayers that Eriksen would survive this horrible scene. It may just have been this that helped him to pull through.

The incident has certainly been a reminder that football is more than just a game, but also a reminder to always live life to the fullest.

Today, the nation of Denmark should be proud of what their country has shown. 

Incredible team spirit, love, and community. 

Christian Eriksen, we are with you, and wish you the best possible recovery. 

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