Sarah Taylor Signs For the Welsh Fire

Sarah Taylor returns to Cricket from a Mental Health related retirement

Former English Test star Sarah Taylor has announced her return to the game she graced so magnificently. Taylor has suffered from well-documented anxiety issues, and these led to her hanging up her boots in 2019.

The former England wicket-keeper is going to make her comeback in the new competition which is catchily named ‘The Hundred’, and this fabulous news follows on from the announcement last month that she has become the first woman to be appointed as a coach in the English men’s professional game.  Taylor has been appointed by Sussex as a part-time wicketkeeping coach. 

Sarah Taylor, already changing the face of Men’s cricket is now the star of a brilliant comeback story

The Welsh Fire have accomplished a major coup by signing Taylor, and the wicket-keeper announced “I genuinely had to blow dust off my cricket bag. I only had one net session and it went pretty well. I felt absolutely fine. I wasn’t scared of playing, whereas before I was.”

A quick look at Taylor’s CV shows two 50 over World Cup wins, a T20 World Cup, and three Ashes victories, and she will add stardust to the eight team, 100 ball, tournament.
As Taylor said “I don’t really feel like I’ve got much to lose by playing. I just get to enjoy myself. I could have the worst tournament in the world, but I know I will probably love every minute because I’ve got my job as a coach at Sussex.”

Cricket has been the poorer for the absence of Sarah Taylor, and it’s amazing that Sarah now feels able to don her spikes again. Good luck Sarah!

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