Pulisic Speaks ahead of Mind Series

Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are currently playing in a pre-season tournament in aid of Mind charity. 

The Mind Series, as it is being called kicks off with Arsenal VS Chelsea, with all proceeds being donated to Mind, a charity which helps people who reach out for support when they are struggling mentally.

In the build up to this game, Chelsea posted an interview with American hero, Christian Pulisic to their official YouTube channel. The USMNT and Blues star stated: “When it’s all on you it can really feel like a lot,” Pulisic said. “Personally, during this time, I reached out to a therapist and it’s not something anyone should be ashamed of.”

Christian Pulisic moved from Hershey, to mainland Europe when he was just a child, and has documented this experience well, as he has often spoken about how difficult that was to do. In the interview ahead of the game against Arsenal on August 1st, he said: “This has been a tough time for a lot of people, me included. For me, the most important thing is having a good support system and people around me that I can always rely on and have a chat to. Personally, living alone in Europe has been tough at times. Having someone always there to talk to is extremely important for me, it’s what’s carried me through this time.”

What Christian is saying is extremely important in the footballing space. It’s no secret that the masculine culture surrounding football, particularly in the UK, has made it difficult for fans and players alike to really open up on their struggles – because for most men it’s what we were told as children, to be strong and not show emotion. But for the children of today, Pulisic is an exceptional role model of what you can achieve through hard work, and how speaking to people can help get through tough times. 

The most important thing to remember is that even when it feels like you are alone, there are people that will support you and care for you. A problem shared is a problem halved, and Chelsea’s number 10 has shown how fighting those battles will make you stronger. 

Pulisic will be looking to advance his game this season with Chelsea, after having an exceptional summer with the USMNT. Oh… and the small matter of winning the Champions League. 

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