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FC Not Alone is starting an 11 aside team for the 19/20 football season. If you’d like to get involved, read below…

Calling football players, content creators and football coaches.

It is with pleasure to announce that FC Not Alone will be forming an 11aside team. We have been deliberating it for a while as with our platform, we always want to promote the positive sides of football. There is a lot of negative clickbait 11aside football content on the internet which in our opinion can promote the game in the wrong way.  

Football should not be about creating an atmosphere which is toxic enough to intimidate people into defeat. We are not interested in that and on our quest to building a competitive team, we will do our utmost best to play the game with respect.

We are looking to build a team of football players that are proud to wear the FC Not Alone badge. When you wear the FC Not Alone badge, you must understand that you are representing a platform that promotes the idea that it is okay to not be okay.  We cast no judgement on mental illness. Although our players may not have suffered with mental health issues, the badge we wear still acts as a beacon of hope to anyone that has.

In addition, over the next few months we will have opened more fun drop in and play sessions all around the UK. In these sessions, players from all walks of life can play football in a friendly and intimidating atmosphere. 

We have not yet decided which league we will be entering, we will however be playing in London. 

If you would like to play for the competitive FC Not Alone team, please email your name, position and bio to info@fcnotalone.com. Please also contact the same e-mail address if you are a coach or a videographer and would like to get in touch.

If you’re a videographer and would like to help us document the FC Not Alone journey, e-mail info@fcnotalone.com.

We will be holding trials in August.